Tuesday 10 September 2013


Campbell & Horn

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Final day of our woodland planting weekend!

We still have trees to plant and holding some for those who couldn't make the weekend! we managed to plant around 250 trees in our February weekend planting.

So far we've had about 15 people help plant this woodland, had 5 great donations of money, a neighbour donate tree spirals and canes and a local charity donated us 420 locally grown Native trees. This is a woodland that IS community! A HUMBLE THANKS TO ALL!

Our tree order!
Oak 200
Hazel 70
Birch 100
Rowan 40
Alder 60
Spindle 30
Alder Buck 20
Getting excited... thanks to those who have donated! if you cant donate then please, please come and help plant! we have an orchard of apples to bring in as well! so lots to do... i just spent the day walking the moor in wind, rain and wind and it was great... whats a bit of rain between friends!? when you can come indoor after to cozy up to a warm wood burner and eat lovely vegan food...  lots of fun and great food n cydre (or try our fresh apple juice)
Get in touch if interested! campbellandhorn@gmail.com
Its January 2014 and a happy New Year folks and guess what, the new trees have arrived:)
So, here is a great opportunity to do some planting. Get in touch and please, if you can, donate! every £1 helps create the presence and participation of another person in this woodland. The new wood will protect an ancient "wet woodland", a rare and disappearing habitat by establishing a buffer zone. We also see this a stepping stone for environmental & educational programmes, as well as arts and craft experiences as the woods grow and mature.

We have received some donations but we would like to raise more to cover the costs of the planting. This is mostly our gift to the future but we love to have this as a family and friends initiative so please donate and come along and plant!
Nov 20th:
We now have four apple juice varieties bottled and ready to sell! £3.50 a bottle, lovingly made! Cornish Aromatic, Barnak beauty/Egremnont Russet mix, Winter Peach and Tommy Knight! details to follow.
We are busy pruning and planning fence building soon. Anyone wants to come play, please do!
Finally the last of the Onions and garlic are all in, so vegetable gardens now finished... just to wait for spring now. Then the plans for new beds, will be ripping out old ones and removing the railway sleepers that were used as boarders. So already jobs for 2014 lining up!

Scorhill Stone circle (just an hours walk away)

A blog in development and here to show you our plans for the Church house, the studio, orchards and land we have the honor to be stewards of.

Bruce; Artist and potter

Draeyk: chef and Landscape conservation architect